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Senom Gallery -Sustainable Art for Luxury Contexts

Senom Design is thrilled to announce the launch of our online platform, an immersive space that elevates décor and lifestyle.

We've meticulously curated a collection of items sourced from responsible artists and, ensuring a diverse array of unique pieces. Each item, whether sourced locally or internationally, undergoes a process of careful restoration, guaranteeing not only its uniqueness but also its timeless beauty

Social Enterprise

At Senom Design, our commitment is to champion individual artists by exclusively focusing on the acquisition of local art. We believe in the myriad benefits of this approach, particularly in reducing the carbon footprint associated with art acquisition. By sourcing artworks locally, we minimize transportation distances, fostering an environmentally conscious ethos.


In an era dominated by mass production, we advocate for a sustainable and eco-friendly path forward. Our dedication to carefully selected pieces from local artists emphasizes vintage, antique, and repurposed items, embodying a commitment to both artistic excellence and environmental responsibility.


At Senom Gallery, the curation of our collections is a personal endeavor. We strive to create a platform that goes beyond mere aesthetics, embodying the core values we hold dear. Each artist we feature represents not only artistic prowess but also a shared commitment to sustainability, making our curated platform a testament to the fusion of art and environmental

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